How to Find the Perfect Hits of 2016

This week, I decided to let others know how I find my sources for music. 2016 was such a big year for music and I constantly hear people talking about how much they miss the music made that year. I wanted to let the fans of 2016’s music know how they can easily find the biggest hits of 2016. I also inserted the playlist I made for 2016. One of my sources was Youtube, which has made a huge impact on how we search music and even help on homework. As Wolf (2016) states in his reading, “By examining how the social and material aspects of YouTube are entangled in search practices, we can see how these experiences might work to narrow, rather than widen, individuals’ information worlds.” The search bar on Youtube, Google, Spotify allows us to narrow our searches where we are able to find what we want in the click of a button. Once you start typing away, the alogorithm gets used to what you want and it’s smooth sailing from there. I hope you guys enjoy these tips to find new music!

2016 Best albums: Complex, Rolling Stones, Youtube

Wolf, C. T. (2016). DIY videos on YouTube: Identity and possibility in the age of algorithms. First Monday21(6). doi: 10.5210/fm.v21i6.6787

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