Kanye West Worth $1 Billion or $3 Billion?

Kanye West Will Show Yeezy In Paris On Monday Evening | SNOBETTE
Source: https://snobette.com/2020/02/kanye-west-plans-yeezy-presentation-paris-fashion-week/

Forbes recently named Kanye a billionaire, claiming that he is worth 1.3 billion dollars. But Kanye isn’t too happy about Forbes’ math.

Kanye is well known for his music and productions, but his fashion line YEEZY and royalties with Adidas also makes up for a big chunk of that. Bank of America Corp. says that Ye’s sneaker department of YEEZY is worth up to 3 billions dollars alone, but that was of course before the fashion industry took a hit from the global pandemic.

Kanye got his start in the shoes fashion industry with Louis Vuitton then Nike, and in later 2013 he got more creative control when he paired up with Adidas. He now designs every piece of clothing and shoes for YEEZY.

Because of the “Trump Rule” Forbes has to divide the actual number by 3 and focus from there.

But will YEEZY still be worth a billion dollars during the global pandemic?

Only time will tell.

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-04-24/kanye-west-vaults-from-broke-to-billions-with-yeezy-in-demand

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