What’s Next?

I think it was pretty convenient for Drake to release ‘What’s next?’ right as I’m graduating college because what the HELL is next?? The last few weeks of college have been nothing but, “the liquor been taking the pain away” and I’m sure plenty of college students can relate. One last bender before we get into the “real world”.

I’m not gonna sit here and lie and say I’m not scared, but I’m kinda referencing this song because Drake is just going with the flow, but still being active. Active as in making changes while taking life how it is. People, aka the press, are always wondering what he’s up to and he just gives them the bare minimum to keep them happy, but in the end he knows what’s good behind the scenes.

So why am I psychoanalyzing Drake as if I actually know him?💀 I guess I’m using this song as a metaphor because family and friends keep asking what I’m doing after college as if I KNOW? I’m just growing, learning, experiencing life … I’m going through the transitional stage *puke*. I cringe even saying that because even though I’m going with the flow I would love to have a job and something to look forward to, but I’m gonna take advantage of this free time and see what happens next.

Remember folks, don’t stress yourself out too much where you have to sacrifice your mental health. You’re doing the best you can and that’s OKAY! You got it.

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