Drake Vs. Kanye. Real or Fake?

Kanye’s back at it again… this time, releasing Drake’s home address, which I won’t add because it’s unnecessary. Now, this isn’t new for Kanye to cause beef, especially with Drake. Personally, I think it’s annoying, but recently I’ve discovered that it’s kinda necessary? Now let me show you why before you come for my neck. (Scroll down and click the link)

Source: @DailyLoud on Twitter

Rick Ross, who has worked with both artists, says it’s “inspiring” to both artists. This made me think! Wow, he’s weirdly right. These two artists have it ALL; Money, cars, love, anything you could probably imagine. What could possibly be the issue that everyone can find entertaining and spiral out of control? What will have people talking? What will have media outlets going crazy? What will be the biggest publicity stunt for their biggest, most anticipated albums of the year, and possibly their careers? A beef off between the two biggest artists in the game.

So, now I see. Having beef with someone/people fuels the hip-hop music industry. I used to be very annoyed with how people just pick beef with Drake, but sometimes you need something to work off of and this is it for both of them. Kudos to both of them, I guess.

Anyway, when is CLB dropping?

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