Parris Goebel: The Dance Master of the Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show

Rihanna returned to a stage many artists aspire to be on, The Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show this past Sunday after a 7-year hiatus of not performing (the 2016 ANTII tour was her last show official stage concert). She sang a melody of songs that brought back nostalgia and reminded us all (even more) how much we missed her. Not only were Rihanna and her songs amazing, but the choreography put the show over the top and already has taken over the TikTok trends to recreate it (just as it with J.Lo’s half time performance back in 2020).

We have Parris Goebel to thank for taking the halftime dancing going viral. Parris has been around for a while and if you don’t know now you know.

Credits: Phil Walter/Getty Images

Parris is from Auckland, New Zealand, and started dancing at the age of 10. She’s the founder of Palace Dance Studio which has produced crews like ReQuest Crew, The Royal Family, Sorority, and Bubblegum. It’s been a long journey for her, but not many know that she came into the industry introducing her style of dance, PolySwag, a blend of New Zealand culture and Polynesian culture resulting in an intense, high energy dance that hits every beat. In 2011 she made her first appearance on TV (and one of my favorite shows to date), America’s Best Dance Crew, season 6 on MTV.

MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew Season 6 Ep.1 – ReQuest Crew

ReQuest Crew made it to week five and even performed to Rihanna’s hit single at the time, S&M. They were eliminated during the Katy Perry week, but in the few weeks that they were there, the ladies were able to build an empire that spanned around the world.

Parris’s dance crew, the Royal Family dance crew went global when they took the Hip-Hop International stage and won the championship three times in a row. This is where dance crews compete to be the best in the world. It’s the biggest event in the hip-hop industry.

While managing her dance studio, Parris and her crew are also known to jump on projects from Justin Bieber, Ciarra, J.Lo, Sam Smith, and more. She also won an Emmy award in Outstanding Choreography for Variety or Reality for the Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 3.

Parris takes pride in her unique creativity and how far it’s gotten her. It shows in her own performances as well as her creative direction when putting on a halftime show, music video, or a fashion show. She knows when and how to emphasize the beats that one may miss in a song, but she brings it to life with a hard pop and lock. She also takes advantage of what different angles can highlight her choreography.

If you want to be like Parris and learn her creative ways check out her masterclass where she teaches you everything in between choreography fundamentals, building your brand, and directing your own music video.

In the meantime, check out Parris’ behind the scenes of her halftime show choreography.

Clip of Rihanna’s Work choreo during the halftime show. Credits: @Crownsup3979 on Youtube, Super Bowl 2023 | Parris Goebel Choreograpy
Clip of dancers rehearsing on moving platforms. Credits: @Crownsup3979 on Youtube, Super Bowl Platforms Rehearsal | Siah Helise
Bad Bitch Energy: Activated. Credits: @Crownsup3979 on Youtube, Super Bowl BBHHMM Rehearsal | Parris Goebel Choreo

Parris Goebel is just getting started and I can’t wait to see where goes because it’s only been up.

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