Miley Cyrus: Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions)

Miley Cyrus released her new album, Endless Summer Vacation, and the proper way to promote its release was with a Backyard Session. She teamed up with Disney+ (how nostalgic) and gave us a concert from the comfort of her home.

Miley Cyrus – Flowers (Backyard Sessions)

The singer performed songs from her new album and celebrated the 14th anniversary of her hit single, “The Climb” an ode to remember enjoying the journey because that’s what makes up your life. In this Backyard Session special, Miley reflected on who she is now, every persona she has ever been, and how it’s all culminated into the album she has always wanted.

The Backyard Session takes on a day-long journey from morning to night which Miley describes her album as. She says, “When it comes to the sequencing of Endless Summer Vacation, I divided it by 2 parts: AM and PM.” she goes on to say “The morning represents a buzz and an energy – a potential for new possibilities. The night time represents a grime-glamour, but it also represents a time for rest and a time to recover”. Throughout the album, Miley uses lyrics that help you visualize feelings and the morning-to-night backdrops only help emphasize her powerful songwriting.

Check out Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions) now streaming on Disney+.

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