Future said “Mask Off” but We’ve Got You Covered says otherwise

Artists like Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, 5 Seconds of Summer, and The Weeknd, etc. have collabed with Bravado, Universal Music Group’s merchandise division to design face masks for COVID-19. Ten percent of proceeds will go to charitable organizations like MusiCares and HelpMusicians that assist the music community. Bravado and UMG have also provided their employees with masks and have vowed to donate 50,000 masks to school lunch programs, food shelters, and other community service workers.

Billie Eilish Blohsh Face Mask

Billie Eilish

Source: https://wegotyoucoverednow.com/

Justin Bieber Logo Face Mask

Justin Bieber

Source: https://wegotyoucoverednow.com/

Ariana Grande Tear Drop Face Mask

Ariana Grande

Source: https://wegotyoucoverednow.com/

5SOS Logo Face Mask

5 Seconds of Summer

Source: https://wegotyoucoverednow.com/

The Weeknd XO Face Mask

The Weeknd

Source: https://wegotyoucoverednow.com/

Bob Marley Don't Worry Face Mask

Bob Marley

Source: https://wegotyoucoverednow.com/

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